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Satyam, Jena; Akkarakkaran Thayyil Muhammed, Munthasir; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy; 

Ultralong Room Temperature Phosphorescence and Ultraviolet
Fluorescence from a Simple Triarylphosphine Oxides

J. Mater. Chem. C, 2022, DOI: 10.1039/D2TC01318E


Rajendra Prasad Nandi, Subhajit Ghosh, Krishnan Venkatasubbaiah, Dipak Kumbhar, Pakkirisamy Thilagar; Tribophosphorescence from a Simple Boronic Ester

ChemPhotoChem (2022), Just Accepted

DOI: 10.1002/cptc.202200026R2

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Satyam Jena, Jusaina Eyyathiyil, Santosh Kumar Behera, Maho Kitahara, Yoshitane Imai, and Pakkirisamy Thilagar; Crystallization Induced Room-Temperature Phosphorescence and Chiral Photoluminescence Properties of Phosphoramides
Chem Science, 2022, 13, 5893 - 5901


Samir Kumar Sarkar, Satyam Jena, Santosh Kumar Behera, and Pakkirisamy Thilagar; Synthesis and Characterization of Far-Red Emissive Boron-Based Triads Showing Large Stokes Shifts: Optical, TRANES, and Electrochemical Studies
J. Org. Chem. 2022, 87, 3967−3977



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Samir Kumar Sarkar, Lauren J. Kang, Upendra Kumar Pandey, Christine K. Luscombe, Pakkirisamy Thilagar; Triarylborane-BODIPY conjugate: An efficient non-fullerene electron acceptor for bulk heterojunction organic solar cell
Solar Energy (2021), 230, 242-249


Nandi, Rajendra Prasad; P, Chinna Ayya Swamy; Pandi, Dhanalakshmi; Behera, Santosh Kumar; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy; Effect of the Molecular Conformation on Excitation Energy Transfer in Conformationally Constrained Boryl-BODIPY Dyads
Inorg. Chem. (2021), 60, 5452-5462




Pandey, Umesh Pratap; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy; External Stimuli-Responsive Bis(anthryl)​borylaniline AIEgens for Viscosity and Temperature Sensing: The Game of Molecular Flexibility.

Advanced Optical Materials (2020), 1902145.   

An invited article for a themed issue on 20th year of Aggregation Induced Emission.


Pandey, Umesh Pratap; Nandi, Rajendra Prasad; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy;  Design, Synthesis, and Temperature-Driven Molecular  Conformation-Dependent Delayed Fluorescence Characteristics of  Dianthrylboron-Based Donor-Acceptor Systems.

Frontiers in Chemistry (2020), 8, 541331. 

An invited article for a themed issue on Thermally Activated Delayed Emission.


Sarkar, Samir Kumar; Rao, Shilpa Eshwar; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy;  Molecular Conformational Effect on Optical Properties and Fluoride  Induced Color Changes in Triarylborane–Vinylbithiophene–BODIPY  Conjugates.  
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2020), 124 (40), 8896–8903


Nandi, Rajendra Prasad; Sudhakar, Pagidi; Kalluvettukuzhy, Neena K;  Thilagar, Pakkirisamy; Triarylborane‐Appended Anils and Boranils:  Solid‐State Emission, Mechanofluorochromism, and Phosphorescence.
Chemistry - A European Journal (2020), (26), 1–13.


Jena, Satyam; Dhanalakshmi, Pandi; Bano, Gulista; Thilagar,  Pakkirisamy; Delayed Fluorescence, Room Temperature Phosphorescence, and  Mechanofluorochromic Naphthalimides: Differential Imaging of Normoxia  and Hypoxia Live Cancer Cells.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2020), 124, 26, 5393–5406.


Kalluvettukuzhy, Neena K.; Pagidi, Sudhakar; Prasad Nandi, Rajendra; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy; 
Exploiting N-H-π Interactions in 2-(dimesitylboraneyl)-1H-pyrrole for Luminescence Enhancement.
Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry (2020), 9(4), 644-651.


Pagidi, Sudhakar; Kalluvettukuzhy, Neena K.; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy;  Effect of Branching on the Delayed Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of Simple Borylated Arylamines.
Inorganic Chemistry (2020), 59(5), 3142- 3151.


Sarkar, Tanmay Kumar; Sarkar, Samir Kumar; Thilagar, Pakkirisamy;  Room Temperature Phosphorescent (RTP) N-Acetylphenothiazines.
ChemPhotoChem (2020), 4(4), 282-286.